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Report of Inns of Employment and Labour Relations Court 4.4.2019
Hon. Maureen Onyango, the Presiding Judge of the Court enumerated the need for Advocates to be clear on the manner of approaching the Court in employment matters and in accordance with the governing law. Ms. Judith Guserwa pointed out, from a practitioners’ view, the need for Judicial Officers to be flexible in considering reinstatement claims She also added that the need for Advocates to inform their clients of the possible negative effects of a Court- Ordered Reinstatement and the challenge of non- acceptance. Hon. Nzioki Wa Makau commented on the need for Judicial officers to weigh factors such as the practicability of and the nature of service in considering awarding the relief of reinstatement. He urged Advocates to expedite claims on reinstatement to avoid being victimized by the limitations of reinstatement. Hon Wasilwa further stated the need to identify positivism versus liberalism in judicial reasoning and its impact on the final outcome of matters. The Vice President of the LSK, Ms. Harriette Chiggai further stated the need for cooperation between all officers of the court to ensure efficient service delivery. Hon Moses Wanjala and Carol Kendagor urged members to also consider Court annexed mediation in employment matters. The educated members on the screening process for mediation matters and assured them of the transparency of the process.

Report of Inns of Employment and Labour Relations Court 4.4.2019

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