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The Law Society of Kenya Nairobi Branch Council was elected by lawyers on the 25th of February 2016. The Branch is a devolved unit of the Law Society of Kenya as mandated by the Law Society of Kenya Act 2014.The Branch currently comprises over 70% of practicing lawyers in Kenya. Under Section 24 of the said Act, the Branch is mandated to deal with the following issues involving lawyers in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties:

  • Practice matters
  • Welfare issues
  • Member participation

Our overall objective is to pursue is the improvement of practice conditions. In keeping with this, we have set out to continually and effectively engage various key stakeholders in the legal system. These include, the Courts and the Judiciary as a whole; the national Registries: Lands, Companies; the Office of the Attorney General, Parliament and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. We believe collaboration with these offices will symbiotically benefit the lawyers and the legal system as a whole.

In the long-term, the key programmes we seek to establish include:

  • A Legal Aid Programme, with a revolving fund, to facilitate provision of legal services to the disadvantaged.
  • A Good Governance Programme.
  • A Law Reform Programme, with initial focus on police reforms, elimination of extra-judicial killings, an enhancement of the criminal-justice system.
  • A Mediation/ADR programme, with principal focus on aiding resolution of disputes between lawyers, or with clients, to reduce reliance on the formal Disciplinary Tribunal process.
  • Mentorship and professional advancement program for all lawyers in general and Young Lawyers in particular.

Our Objectives

  • Improving the standards and conditions of legal practice in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties
  • Promoting Excellence in Legal Practice and Service delivery


A premier bar association that advances legal practice and members’ welfare

Our Mission:

We are committed to advancing a conducive environment that enhances the professional and commercial interests of our  membership

Strategic Pillars:

  • To engage members and stakeholders of Nairobi Branch in addressing practice matters and welfare issues
  • To build an efficient, functional and responsive Secretariat
  • To Serve Nairobi Branch Lawyers by providing programs, services and benefits which augment professional growth and welfare
  •  To ensure accessible opportunities for active and member-participation

Our  Core Values:

  • Responsiveness
  • Relevance
  • Efficiency

The Branch comprises of the Council, the Secretariat and the General Membership through which it executes its functions. Other functional units of the Branch are the Branch Committees centered around the key mandate of the Branch. The Committees include:

       Council Committees

  •        Litigation Practice Committee
  •        Commercial Practice Committee  
  •        Devolution & Law Reform Committee    
  •        Legal Aid & Public Interest Litigation Committee
  •        Social Welfare Committee

Bar- Bench Committees

  • The Court of Appeal Bar-Bench Committee
  • High Court Family Bar-Bench Committee
  • Constitutional and Judicial Review Bar-Bench Committee
  • High Court Commercial Bar-Bench Committee
  • The High Court Criminal and Anti-Corruption  Committee
  • Environment and Land Court Bar-Bench Committee
  • Employment and Labour Relations Bar-Bench Committee
  • Milimani Chief Magistrates Criminal Bar-Bench Committee
  • Milimani Chief Magistrates Commercial Court Bar-Bench Committee

Tribunal Committees

  • Rent Tribunal
  • National Environment Tribunal Committee
  • Business Premises Tribunal Committee
  • Public Procurement Tribunal Committee

Liaison Committees

  • ICT and IP Liaison Committee
  • Tax Liaison Committee
  • Nairobi Lands Registry Liaison Committee
  • Nairobi Companies Registry Liaison Committee

Special Committees

  • The Awards Committee
  • The Rules Committee
  • The JAA Trial Advocacy Committee