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The Committee was established to handle Constitutional and Judicial review matters affecting members.

Committee Acivities

  1. The Committee shall organize a training on the use and effectiveness of the E-Diary
  2. A proposed consistent method for consideration of matters under Certificate of Urgency has been made.
  3. A proposed mechanism for a party to get a date immediately or a consistent way of knowing if the new dates have been assigned to matters that fall off the Cause List
  4. The Division shall supply an email for digital filing of submissions
  5. In regards to missing files The E.O indicates that the Registry has introduced Registers at each stage of dealing with files.
  6. Representatives from the Attorney General, Kenya Revenue Authority, Ethics and Anticorruption Commission, Katiba Institute, Public Procurement Review Board are to be included in the committee to improve diversity.
  7. Rapid Response Teams form an accessible platform for discussing and resolving misunderstandings and complaints against judges/advocates in the first instance before the escalation of matters to the Judicial Service Commission. It was agreed to incorporate all the Presiding Judges of all the Divisions into the RRT with Justice Odunga as the Chair
  8. A forum has also been organized for the training of advocates on preparation of quality certificate applications/pleadings.
  9. Both young and experienced lawyers are encouraged to take up pro bono cases.