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The High Court Civil Bar Bench Committee

The Committee was formed and mandated to address practice matters that concern Litigators practising in Nairobi and Kiambu Regions.

At its meeting of 5th October 2016, the Committee discussed practice matters of Compliance with Order 11, where it was noted that the Deputy Registrar will handle certification of matters pending the appointment of the Case Managers as required by the Order.

At the meeting, litigators expressed that they were comfortable with the time court sessions begin and the general time management of the High Court Civil Division.

The committee resolved to notify litigants of new hearing dates in instances where the court will not be sitting.

The committee also pointed out ongoing ‘distribution of work’ measures to curb delays in issuance of Judgements and Rulings.

The Meeting of 15th June 2017 also took up the matters of Case management and it was agreed that mechanisms would be put in place to expedite determination of cases. Further issues of Missing files , extraction of orders and Typing of proceedings would be addressed by putting in place by charging the relevant Officers with dispensing the same to ensure expeditious disposal of cases