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Court-Annexed Mediation: How Much Do We Know?
Court-Annexed Mediation: How Much Do We Know?

LSK Nairobi Branch held its Breakfast Forum on 5th December 2017, with Court-Annexed Mediation taking centre-stage as the theme for discussion. It is during this same week that the Judiciary rolled out its Pilot Programme for Court-Annexed Mediation.

In an delightfully interactive and extremely informative hour and a half, we had presentations and updates from Hon. Justice Fredrick Ochieng’, the Registrar of the High Court Hon. Judy Omange and expert mediator James Mangerere. The massive merits of Court-Annexed Mediation were highlighted and advocates were encourage to push for this method of dispute resolution.

Advocates were also encouraged to learn and advise their clients on the difference between mediation and arbitration.

The Forum also played host to a Book Launch by Allen Gichuhi. This was officiated by Hon. Justice Richard Mwongo, Principal Judge. He recommended the book to all students, practitioners and judges as well. Allen in turn presented the Branch with a copy of the book, and provided the Court’s library with a copy as well.

In closing, a remark by Justice Ochieng’ during the Forum must be reinforced: In Court-Annexed Mediation, the matter does not leave the court nor is the case file in the court closed. If the mediation process is therefore unsuccessful, the case then resumes the ordinary litigation process in court.



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