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We are pleased to invite you, your family and your lawyer colleagues for our sports event. Kindly confirm attendance by filling out the form here.

Register your team here  providing all relevant information.
Teams will be required to pay ksh 1,000 for registration.
Football games are 7 a side and teams are required to have one or two ladies.

    Food or beverages of any type from outside the venue will not be allowed on the grounds.


    Participating teams shall be charged a registration fee of Ksh 1,000.

    All Guests shall access the venue through the gated entrance.

    Any guests who may not be Advocates shall be required to demonstrate their relation to the Advocate they are accompanying.

    All guests shall subject themselves to registration at the designated registration points.


    Teams will be required to register at the designated tent in the field.


    All members of the participating teams will be required to wear official team uniform or the same color t-shirts or jerseys.


    Although participation in supervised sporting activities is generally considered safe, and serious injuries are not common, it is impossible to eliminate every risk. To help reduce accidents and injuries, players MUST obey safety rules, report all physical problems to their team captain, follow a proper conditioning program and inspect their own equipment. By registering for any activity, participants acknowledge that they have read and understood this warning. Those who do not wish to accept the risk should not register nor participate.


    LSK Nairobi Branch carries no insurance for players, spectators nor game officials.

    The Emergency Medical Service will be called for all medical emergencies.

    There will be an ambulance on site for medical evacuations should they be required.

    Individuals are responsible for all charges resulting from a medical emergency.

    Teams are responsible for any first‐aid equipment at game sites.

    Teams are encouraged to keep a list of insurance numbers for team members in case of an emergency.


    By registering for the LSK NRB Sports Day, guests hereby consent to their or their team’s photographing by the LSK NRB Staff and/or their agents. Furthermore, guests consent to the use of these photographs singularly or in conjunction with photographs or video recordings for LSK NRB marketing purposes without compensation.


    For the protection and safety of all participants, jewelry will not be worn on the field and players will be asked to remove all jewelry prior to the game.

    Any item that an official believes presents a hazard or is potentially dangerous to the player or other participants must be completely covered with no exposed surfaces.


     Forfeits may be declared for one or more of the following infractions:

    • Illegal players, e.g., players not on a roster, players using an assumed name or ineligible players.
    • Misconduct by players, coaches, spectators, or team representatives before, during or after the contest.
    • Failure to submit a legal roster prior to the team’s first scheduled game.
    • Failure to submit signed medical release forms for all players.
    • Failure to have the required number of players to play an entire game.
    • Team no‐shows.


    Children participating must have a signed consent form or an adult guardian with them at all times.

    Swimmers must be dressed in appropriate swimming attire.

    There will be a life guard on duty and all participants will be required to follow his directions at all times.


    Bad language, disrespect, name calling, fighting, intentional damage to equipment or facilities, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. No one will take actions which may endanger their safety or the safety of others. Dismissal at any time shall be at the discretion of the LSK NRB Sports Day Staff and/or their agents.


    No display, possession or consumption of alcohol or any illegal drugs will be allowed at the venue for the duration of the event.

    Participants and guests are required to follow the directions of LSK Nairobi Branch staff to ensure smooth operations.

  • Teams registered must comprise of lawyers.
  • Proof of identity will be required at the time of making payment and on the day of the tournament. ALL players are requested to carry LSK/company IDs and/or national IDs for registration during the tournament.
  • Teams and players found cheating or showing any form of decent to the referee and/or officials will be disqualified immediately with no refund and shall be barred from playing for the tournament in future.
  • No player is allowed to play for two (2) teams.
  • No team will be allowed to participate before paying the participation fees to be made before the registration deadline.
  • Participation fees is non-refundable.
  • Teams are allowed to register a team consisting of up to ten (10) players (including 2 women, one of whom must be playing at any time) and whose names MUST be handed to the LSK Nairobi Branch Secretariat upon making payment. ONLY seven (7) players will be allowed to play at any particular time.
  • Teams will be divided into two (2) pools each consisting of four (4) to eight (8) teams who will play amongst themselves on a league basis.
  • The top two (2) teams and the best qualifiers in every pool will qualify for the next round.
  • Teams are requested to report to Barclays Sports Club, Nairobi by 0830hrs for pooling purposes. The tournament is planned to kick off at 0900hrs. Teams that will not be on the pitch by 0830hrs will give WALKOVERS to the opposing teams.
  • In the event of a tie in goals and points, three (3) penalties will be taken by both teams to decide who proceeds to the next stage. In the event that this round of penalties does produce a conclusive result, the referee shall decide on how the next round of penalties will go.
  • Penalties and/or fouls will be awarded when:
  • The goalkeeper steps out of the D – Area and has contact with the ball
  • A player steps into the D – Area with the ball or without the ball but causing an obstruction
  • The goalkeeper is NOT ALLOWED to kick the ball at any time due to the size of the pitches and time wasting.
  • When taking penalties, players are ONLY ALLOWED ONE STEP
  • The tournament does not recognize the offside rule.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the following:
  • Overall winner – main competition – Trophy and 10 medals – GOLD
  • Runner up – main competition – 10 medals – SILVER
  • 2nd Runner up – main competition – 10 medals – BRONZE
  • Best player – MALE
  • Best player – FEMALE